New material trends, Aesthetics and Lighting Techniques

New changing Trends in the Materials and Furniture Design

With increasing awareness among people about eco friendly products and green homes, people are orienting themselves towards using eco friendly products and use materials that are readily available in nature and less energy intensive.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Use of Fabric in a different way

There has been a huge revolution in fabric with people becoming more experimental. The trend is towards natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk as well as to incorporating design, particularly graphic design into the fabric.

Concerns on health and safety have led to the manufacture of fire-retardant fabric and the pace of 21st century life has new demands like stain-retardant or spill-retardant features for fabric.

Materials such as Damask, silk, cotton, linen, weaves, textures, Graphic printing, Ancient ethnic prints, florals etc.

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