New material trends, Aesthetics and Lighting Techniques

New changing Trends in the Materials and Furniture Design

With increasing awareness among people about eco friendly products and green homes, people are orienting themselves towards using eco friendly products and use materials that are readily available in nature and less energy intensive.

Interior Design
Interior Design

Use of Fabric in a different way

There has been a huge revolution in fabric with people becoming more experimental. The trend is towards natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk as well as to incorporating design, particularly graphic design into the fabric.

Concerns on health and safety have led to the manufacture of fire-retardant fabric and the pace of 21st century life has new demands like stain-retardant or spill-retardant features for fabric.

Materials such as Damask, silk, cotton, linen, weaves, textures, Graphic printing, Ancient ethnic prints, florals etc.

Use of Leather

Members of the trade that is the manufacturers, distributors and retailers have differing views on the use and popularity of leather furniture. Upper income groups really enjoy using leather and in very popular demand among upper income demographic but not really popular among middle class segment.

Trendy use of Leather
Trendy use of Leather

Leather is particularly used by designers furniture for the lounge space, especially in banks and senior manager’s cabin etc. Faux Leather has become quite popular in the market for its convenience and trendy style whereas the pure leather is the only for the upper segment which has high maintenance and does not look as trendy and stylish as the faux leather.

Appearance and materials that matter

Metallics, shine and shimmer and reflecting surfaces are the look of the moment with furniture finished with metallic polish, reflective surfaces and mirrors as key signature elements. The new changing trends emphasize on the contemporary style but are moving away from the building materials such as clinical glass, leather and steel to more texture.

Aesthetics and use of new materials
Aesthetics and use of new materials

There has also been new interest rising among people in Baroque fixtures, bold design and an element of shine and sparkle in almost all product design. Grandeur is fashionable and so is a return to luxury in living.

Materials that are being used give a distressed finish. Materials such as shiny copper, chrome, gunmetal, steel and aluminium. Wall paper and smoked glass is used to create textures.

Lighting Techniques

The product design has had a great impact due to development in technology. The influence of technology on product design is more visible than in the lighting sector. Since, the majority of people are going green and eco-friendly, use of low energy, low footprint and eco friendly lighting is catching up with the upper market. A high awareness of products and new lighting techniques is caused an increased demand for the trained designers and architects.

New lighting equipment emphasizes on Low energy consumption/power savers. LED, CFL, Yellow Light, Crystal lights, Embedded lighting, decorative glass lighting etc. have become very popular these days.

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