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Changing trends in the choice of Building materials

Nowadays, people are gaining more knowledge about eco-friendly lifestyle. They are realizing that eco-friendly materials are much better and safer as compared to the synthetic and energy intensive materials. Though use of synthetic materials give a very stylish and trendy look to the place, they are not eco-friendly. The trend is definitely away from the older classical looks, associated with bygone grandeur and towards more contemporary styling. Fabric is more textured and interesting, with graphics, florals and interesting weaves and patterns to the fore.

Fabric used as a material for covering the furniture
Fabric used as a material for covering the furniture

The palette is lighter and brighter than before, in keeping with the move away from the traditonal to the contemporary, also following what is seen as international, stylish and sophisticated.¬†Instead of saying ‘the look has changed’, I would rather say the look and feel of traditional interiors has evolved. New design languages generated by new materials and new uses of existing materials have resulted in a truly matured genre of beautiful and amazing interiors.

New Trendy but traditional Furniture design

In an apparent shift away from the over-upholstered look of the 20th century, most respondents said that upholstery was restricted to sofas. For the rest, there was a strong tendency towards mixed media furniture, like various material combinations are being used for aesthetics and style… For example, Woods and metals, metals and glass, woods and glass.

“Commercialism has increased with the invention of new building materials. The beauty of interiors is sustained only if the Architect or the interior designer chooses the right materials, the right combination for the specific type of furniture”. This basically means that the attractive and appealing piece of furniture design depends on the combination of materials complementing each other.

Traditional Furniture design
Traditional Furniture design

With the increasing number of various building materials introduced into the market and the effect of uplooking market, people are bending towards elegance, minimalism and comfort. Materials like silk fabric, brushed cotton, pure linen are now being preferred to artificial stuff. Modern fiber and synthetic materials are being used to the minimum.

There is a huge demand for leather. But since people are going eco-friendly, they are going for ‘faux leather’. People are keeping the base colour of their furniture neutral and making use of bright colors like red, blue, yellow etc and making a spectacular design statement.

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Since we choose different materials for different purposes for achieving aesthetic appeal, we should keep in mind how the interior of a place should reflect and interconnect the exterior feel of the space.

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