Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, China | One of the Largest International Airport in the world

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is a primary International Airport serving Shanghai of the People’s Republic of China. It is also a major Aviation hub in Asia, particularly in East Asia.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Location of the International Airport

It is located 30 kilometres from the city centre. The area occupied by the airport is around 40 square kilometres. The site is adjacent to the coastline in the eastern edge of Pudong District within the Shanghai Muncipality boundaries.

Pudong Airport comprises of two main passenger terminals. The terminals are flanked on both sides by three parallel runways. The requirements have been on a tremendous rise. The Airport was constructed with a view to be extended and expanded to cater to increasing passenger growth and the growth in Cargo sector.

Expansion plans of the International Airport

Currently, the Master plans have been proposed for the expansion of the International Airport. The new plans call for the building of a third passenger terminal, a satellite terminal. The proposal also includes construction of two additional runways. The construction is aimed to be completed by 2015.

Interior of Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Interior of Shanghai Pudong International Airport

The capacity of the Airport currently is to cater to 60 million passengers annually. The estimation and the obvious rise in the passenger traffic made it necessary to take a step towards the expansion of the international Airport. The New Master plan has been made so as to cater to 80 million passengers annually along with the ability to handle six million tonnes of air freight.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is a major hub for cargo traffic in the world. With 2,539,284 metric tonnes handled in 2009, the airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the world in terms of freight traffic.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport

The airport has 70 boarding bridges along with 218 parking positions. Three runways are in operation: one 4000-meter runway (4E rating) with 6 taxiways, one 3800-meter runway (4F rating) with 4 taxiways and one 3400-meter runway (4F rating) with 6 taxiways.

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