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Method of Luppm Finish and Cleaning of pinhead glass | Building Construction

This is a simple article which deals with two different topics explained in a very brief manner. I hope it will be helpful to the students of architecture and Engineering….

How would you clean a 3mm pinhead glass?

Usually, a chemical called as “aerosols” are used for cleaning 3mm pinhead glass.

The welded design on the pinhead glass can be made plain with the help of some chemical powder and then rubbing the glass with a sandpaper.

How would you luppm finish on an already painted wall?

Oil paint + whiting powder= luppm paste is made.

The paint and plaster of the already painted wall is scraped out.

Then the wall is made rough by chiselling or the wall is brushed by a “wire brush” that makes the wall rough.

Rough surface holds the plaster properly.

Now, luppm is then applied with the help of a “luppm applicator”.

Then it is left to dry for 12 hours.

The luppm walls are then rubbed with sandpaper for achieving smooth finish.

Then a coat of primer is applied. After the drying of primer coat, plastic paint or any desired type of paint is applied.

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  2. kindly send me just the minimum standard size,dimensions,for column,beams, ,slabs,foundations and its clear dist from ground with its minimum reinforcing bar details for simple two storey building/residential house for my referrence.please include standard clear heights form first floor to second floor.thanks and more knowledge………….

  3. your articles are very good & in simple language’s. Keep posting articles which would be the helpful for fresher student’s to make their career technically sound. Thank’s again.

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