Redesigning SAP – Chennai into a Convention Centre

Aim of the Design Project

Generate cultural and social interaction in the convention centre and applying smart technology yet rendering the possible nature of activities limitless.


Urban site that is commercially vibrant. Program manifestation is done to understand the nature  of activities, their relation and required distribution. A layering of them was done to generate the form and space.

SAP - Chennai into a Convention Centre
SAP - Chennai into a Convention Centre

Program Clustering

Each individual block is sited in correspondence to their requires climatic conditions with an integration of programs and concepts of sustainability that gives them a holistic dependency that becomes intrinsic to the functioning of the building.

Programmatic Distribution

  • Programs zoning in accordance with the different user ¬†groups and user occupancy with primary functions of conventions zoned on the first floor and the second floors enabling privacy. The public facilities including the amphitheatre, auditorium, exhibition spaces zoned on the ground floor along site peripheries offering visual connectivity for passers.

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Redesigning Institution as a Convention Centre


Convention centre are often a means to represent ethos of a particular country, perhaps, even an expression of myth of a particular community and their traditions. A place which can provide the essential, platform for exchange of ideas. In an urban context, where cities witness rapid growth and development, a convention centre caters the need of stage where new innovative ideas can be sold, shared, felt and experienced. This can be in the form of exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences serving the purpose of both the industrialist and the consumer. The best example is the Pragati Maidans.

Redesigned Elevation of the Convention Centre
Redesigned Elevation of the Convention Centre

Case Studies

Pittsburg Convention Centre

The largest first gold LEED certified building located near the Alleghemy river which was also appreciated for having the concept similar to that of the suspension bridges in that city. The planning thus offered dramatic vistas overlooking the river onto the historic downtown.

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