Redesigning Institution as a Convention Centre


Convention centre are often a means to represent ethos of a particular country, perhaps, even an expression of myth of a particular community and their traditions. A place which can provide the essential, platform for exchange of ideas. In an urban context, where cities witness rapid growth and development, a convention centre caters the need of stage where new innovative ideas can be sold, shared, felt and experienced. This can be in the form of exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences serving the purpose of both the industrialist and the consumer. The best example is the Pragati Maidans.

Redesigned Elevation of the Convention Centre
Redesigned Elevation of the Convention Centre

Case Studies

Pittsburg Convention Centre

The largest first gold LEED certified building located near the Alleghemy river which was also appreciated for having the concept similar to that of the suspension bridges in that city. The planning thus offered dramatic vistas overlooking the river onto the historic downtown.

The Tokyo international forum

A unique civic complex accommodating cultural performances and business events. This particular forum is under the usage to the maximum of its potential primarily for the place where it has been located, at the nexus of four mahor subways lines and two major train stations.


A place where information exchange takes place and has a mix of visualisaton and materialization in the process of learning.

View of the Convention Centre
View of the Convention Centre

Flexibility , mixed used development, hybrid spaces,  public realm and right mix of activities are the main criteria which were concluded by understanding the previous user experiences and the demands of the new technological world.

Site Analysis

The site has been selected in Noida, located on the road connecting Noida and Delhi. This is situated in sector-18 which has business area in its vicinity.

Climatic Analysis of the site to be redesigned
Climatic Analysis of the site to be redesigned

An analysis of the user group of the site and user experience along with the climatic analysis has further helped in the translation of the concept.

The Transformation of Concept

  • The design has entrances formulated such that at every point security nodes are provided.
  • At the exit of the areas were the major congregation takes place, it is observed that spill over spaces are provided which usually open to green space hence trying to sooth the mind of the person attending the meeting.
Views of the Convention Centre
Views of the Convention Centre
  • The exhibition space, overlooking the spaces such as amphitheatre, or auditorium, conference room and food court becomes the central spine of the design which flows into the site.
  • In a commercial street, stores are aligned at random along the street way so that the consumer can evaluate and negotiate products on display.
  • The exhibition space symbolizes materialization because it enables a two way interaction between the primary and secondary areas.

Key Features Of the Convention Centre Design

  • Defragmented modules (an advantage over integrated single unit built form).
  • Extroverted spaces thus give public domain to the design thus supporting the mixed activity patterns.
  • Flexibility
  • Hybrid spaces with the right mix of activities.

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