Independence Hall, Philadelphia | American Declaration of Independence

Independence Hall is a national landmark in United States. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the Chestnut street between 5th and 6th Streets. It achieved its importance primarily because this was the location where American Declaration of Independence (4th July, 1776)was signed and United States Constitution was debated and brought into force. It was further listed under the category of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia (in 2005)
Independence Hall, Philadelphia (in 2005)

Construction of Independence Hall

Independence was constructed in Georgian Style which was prevalent and in practice in most of the English speaking countries between 1720 to 1840.

The hall was designed by two architects namely Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton and its design was executed by Woolley. Red brick was used majorly for the construction of facades and this building was popularly known as “Red Brick Building”. It is 41m in height.

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