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Independence Hall is a national landmark in United States. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the Chestnut street between 5th and 6th Streets. It achieved its importance primarily because this was the location where American Declaration of Independence (4th July, 1776)was signed and United States Constitution was debated and brought into force. It was further listed under the category of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia (in 2005)
Independence Hall, Philadelphia (in 2005)

Construction of Independence Hall

Independence was constructed in Georgian Style which was prevalent and in practice in most of the English speaking countries between 1720 to 1840.

The hall was designed by two architects namely Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton and its design was executed by Woolley. Red brick was used majorly for the construction of facades and this building was popularly known as “Red Brick Building”. It is 41m in height.

There are two smaller buildings adjoining the Independence Hall namely Old City Hall to the east and Congress Hall to the west. The block of these three buildings is famously known as “Independence Square”.

U.S. $100 bill as well as the bicentennial Kennedy half dollar have a picture of Independence Hall pictured on its back.

Liberty Bell

The bell tower spire of Independence Hall holds a “Centennial Bell that was created for the United States Centennial Exposition” in 1876. The Liberty Bell developed a distinctive crack and is now in display across the street in the Liberty Bell Centre. Queen Elizabeth II presented a gift of a replica of Bicentennial Bell to the American people in the year 1976.

Liberty Bell Tower of Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Liberty Bell Tower of Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Significant Events in the History of America

Tomas Masaryk proclaimed independence of Czechoslovakia on the steps of Independence on October 26, 1918. Independence Hall is an historic landmark of the world.

The renovation and restoration of the Independence Hall was done in 1948. The building’s entire interior was restored to its original appearance to maintain its uniqueness and originality. Independence Hall is also a part of Independence National Historic Park which comprises of a landscaped area of four city blocks, as well as outlying sites that included Independence Square.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia (1858-63)
Independence Hall, Philadelphia (1858-63)

A product of extensive documentary research and archaeology by the federal government, the restoration of Independence Hall and other buildings in the park set standards for other historic preservation and stimulated rejuvenation of old Philadelphia.

On 4th July 1962, President John F. Kennedy addressed here. Independence Hall has been used as staging ground for protests because of its evident symbolic history.

Independence Hall and Liberty bell are now protected in secure zone and not exposed to pedestrian traffic. A seven feet high security fence is laid all round the Independence Hall.

Here are some very interesting pictures of Independence Hall

Independence Hall Exterior and Interior Pics

The uniqueness in its Architectural Style still influences millions of Architects and Designers worldwide. Creation of such beautiful and magnificent structures has come to a drastic end.

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