Field work in Chain survey | Surveying in Civil Engineering

Field work in Chain surveying | Surveying and Levelling

Earlier, we discussed “Principles of Chain Surveying” and the considerations that are taken for carrying out Chain Surveying… In this article, we will discuss various instruments that are essential for carrying out Chain Surveying.

Here are the steps to be followed for carrying out Chain Surveying:

  1. Reconnaissance Survey
  2. Marking stations
  3. Running survey lines
  4. Taking offsets

Instruments used in Chain Survey

  1. Chain, 20m or 30m long
  2. Tape
  3. Arrows
  4. Ranging rods
  5. Wooden or Iron Pegs
  6. Plumb bob
  7. Cross staff

Chain used for Surveying

20m chain – 100 links

30m chain – 150 links

1 links – 20cm

Links of chain are made by mild steel wire – 4mm diameter.

Chain used for Chain Surveying
Chain used for Chain Surveying

Each link at the end is bent into a loop and is connected to adjoiningly by means of three oval rings which offers flexibility to the chain. Ends of chains carry brass handle.

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