Numerical example 2 | Singly reinforced Sections

Guide to design of Singly reinforced Sections | Civil Engineering

For “Singly reinforced sections” article series, we have covered the following:


Now we will move on with our next solved example in which we will make use of formulas derived earlier. That is why it is necessary that you go through the entire step by step guide in order to gain complete understanding.

Numerical Problem

Calculate the moment of resistance of an RC beam 250mm wide, the depth of the centre of reinforcement being 500mm. Assume σcbc = 5N/mm2, σst = 140 N/mm2, modular ratio = 18.66

Given that,

b = width of the beam = 250mm

d = depth of the beam = 500mm

σcbc = permissible compressive stress in concrete in bending = 5N/mm2

σst = permissible stress in steel = 140 N/mm2

m =  modular ratio = 18.66

To find Neutral Axis (NA)

σcbc /(σst/m) = xc/(d – xc)

5/(140/18.66) = xc/(500 – xc)

Xc = 199.95mm = 200mm

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