Task Lighting | Art of illumination

Lighting or illumination is done to achieve some ambient and aesthetic effect. Lighting enhances the beauty of the structure. The kind of lighting to be done depends on the kind of space.

Lighting done to illuminate the interiors and enhance the aesthetics is different from the lighting done in the exteriors, it could be done to illuminate the external facade of the building or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape at night.

Task Lighting
Task Lighting

Lighting can be classified into various different methods of lighting. It can be broadly classified as :

  1. Direct Lighting
  2. Indirect Lighting
  3. Concealed lighting
  4. Semi-concealed lighting

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Dining lighting | The Art of Illumination

Lights not only illuminate a dining room, but can be used for accentuating its certain aspects also.

Lighting plays a very important role in the overall décor of a dining room. It can make even a simple room look very much attractive, cheerful and welcoming. While suitable dining room lights can leave a great impression, harsh ones can make the ambience look very imposing. So, make sure to choose the correct type of lighting for your dining room, keeping the necessary tips in mind.

Here are some of the Dining lighting fixtures that can be used to enhance the ambience of a Dining room:

Dining room light fixtures

Sconce Lights

Sconce lights are a unique type of wall light which is designed to create focused illumination.

They can be used in a dining room to create a low level of light and to spotlight specific objects or areas in the room that you want to stand out. Sconce lights do protrude from the wall so they should be mounted at around 72 inches from the floor.

Sconce lights
Sconce lights

They also need to match the general décor of the dining room so they don’t stand out.

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