Task Lighting | Art of illumination

Lighting or illumination is done to achieve some ambient and aesthetic effect. Lighting enhances the beauty of the structure. The kind of lighting to be done depends on the kind of space.

Lighting done to illuminate the interiors and enhance the aesthetics is different from the lighting done in the exteriors, it could be done to illuminate the external facade of the building or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape at night.

Task Lighting
Task Lighting

Lighting can be classified into various different methods of lighting. It can be broadly classified as :

  1. Direct Lighting
  2. Indirect Lighting
  3. Concealed lighting
  4. Semi-concealed lighting

Specific type and lighting fixtures for specific type of ares.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Task lighting
  2. Dining Lighting
  3. Underwater Lighting
  4. Spot Lighting

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about the purpose of task lighting, how it is to be done and what kind of lighting fixtures are used.

Task lighting refers to office lighting ,where task light is used to increase illuminance on the reading area.

The purpose of task lighting  in the office is to improve the contrast level in a particular area where proper lighting is needed to  read, write  or work constantly at the work stations.

Task lighting is designed to allow a certain job or activity to be done comfortable and safely .

An office desk lamp or a lighting fixture that casts light down over a kitchen counter would fall into the task lighting category .

Task lighting is usually directional. There exist different strategies for office task lighting

There are three main approaches for task illuminance

1)      Localised average lighting ,where a lamp  supplies both ambient light and task light

Localised average lighting
Localised average lighting

2)      Freely adjustable task light

Adjustable Task light
Adjustable Task light

3)      Asymmetric task light, where the lamp is placed at the side of the work area

Asymmetric Task light
Asymmetric Task light

Task lighting Fixtures

Luminaire is  nothing but the light fixture  complete with the light source or lamp , the reflector for directing the light , an opening  with or without a lens, the outer shell for lamp alignment  an electrical connection, if connected to a power source.

  1. Dental task lighting fixtures
  2. Halogen task Light
  3. Flicker free fluorescent light
  4. Magnifying lamps
  5. Overhanging task Luminaire

Task lighting in an open office

At a lower ambience level, providing mobile-arm adjustable    task  lights at each desk to increase visual task illumination.

Lighting in an Office
Lighting in an Office

Task lighting in a Kitchen

The most common room in task lighting in a home is  kitchen. In kitchen it is used in different types  of under cabinets.

Kitchen Task Lighting
Kitchen Task Lighting

Fluorescent under cabinet lights

These are  thin line fluorescents  which are only an inch thick providing light

They are usually placed at the back  so that the wiring can be entered in the back. They make it look clean.

This gives full light coverage on the back splash as well the counter area.

The position can also be changed for convenience. Only a small area of counter will  loose light.

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