Solved numericals for Singly reinforced Sections | Design Method 1

Design of Singly reinforced Sections | Method 1

In our article series for Singly reinforced sections, we have covered the following:


Numerical Problem

An RC beam 200mm wide has an effective depth of 350mm. The permissible stresses in concrete and steel are 5N/mm2 and 140 N/mm2 respectively. Find the depth of neutral axis, area of steel and percentage of steel. (modular ratio (m) = 18.66)

Step One:

Given that:

b = breadth of a rectangular beam = 200mm

d = effective depth of a beam = 350mm

x = depth of neutral axis below the compression edge = ?

Ast = cross-sectional area of steel in tension = ?

σcbc = permissible compressive stress in concrete in bending = 5N/mm2

σst = permissible stress in steel = 140 N/mm2

m = modular ratio = 18.66

From the concrete stress diagram, the formula is given as,

σcbc/(σst/m) = x/(d – x)

5/(140/18.66) = x/(350-x)

Therefore, x = 139.97mm

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