Errors in Chaining | Guide to Surveying and Levelling

Types of Errors occurring in Chain Surveying

There are two types of Errors that are commonly seen to occur in Chain Surveying. For students studying the concept of Chain Surveying, study of the occurrence of different types of Errors in Chain Surveying is important. In this article, we will briefly discuss different types of Errors in Chain Surveying and the situations in which they occur.

Types of Errors:

  1. Cumulative error
  2. Compensative error

Cumulative error

These errors always accumulate in one direction and are serious in nature. They affect the survey work considerably.

They make measurements too long or too short.

These errors are of two types and are known as systematic errors.

They are classified as follows:

  1. Positive error
  2. Negative error

Positive error

These errors make the measured length more than the actual length which results into wrong calculations by the Surveyor.

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