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Types of Measurements in Surveying

Surveying is the art of making suitable measurements in horizontal or vertical planes. This is one of the important subjects of civil engineering. Without taking a survey of the plot where the construction is to be carried out, the work cannot begin.

From the above definition, we conclude on two types of measurements in surveying. They are as follows:

  1. Linear measurements
  2. Angular measurements

Now we will go on with the discussion of each of these types of measurements along with their subtypes.

Linear measurements are further classified as follows:

Horizontal Distance

Vertical Distance

Horizontal Distance

A horizontal distance is measured in horizontal plane if a distance is measured along a slope, it is reduced to its horizontal equivalent.

Horizontal Angle
Horizontal Angle

Vertical Distance

A vertical distance is measured along the direction of gravity at that point. The vertical distance are measured to determine difference in elevations in various points.

Angular Measurements

As the name itself suggests, the two sides meeting at an angle are measured. The angle between them is measured and represented in degrees or radians.

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