Hollow Cement Block Partitions

What are Hollow Cement Blocks?

Hollow and dense cement concrete blocks known as hollow blocks, have been developed as an alternative to bricks. The products are widely used in construction activity. They are lighter than bricks, easier to place and also confer economics in foundation cost and consumption of the cement. The hollow blocks are made of cement, stone chips, stone dust and sand are not onlycheaper than bricks but have other specialities as well. These blocks have more tensile strength, the walls constructed from these blocks act as thermal insulaters because of their hollowness.

Hollow Cement Blocks Partition
Hollow Cement Blocks Partition

These blocks find wide applicability and construction cost is largely reduced. It is also observed that there is good demand for housing activity among tribals. As the construction activity is growing day by day, there is a good demand for hollow and cement concrete bricks.

Hollow Block construction site

Step by Step Guide to Manufacture of Hollow Cement Blocks

Step one

Cement concrete blocks can be manufactured as Solid blocks or Hollow blocks. Apart from that these blocks can be produced in various sizes and designs.

Step two

Generally, the sizes preferred for the manufacture of hollow blocks is as follows

  1. 12x8x4″
  2. 12x8x3″
  3. 12x8x6″

Step three

The most important step in the manufacture of stable and strong concrete blocks depends on the ratio of cement, sand and aggregates( stone chips).
For giving higher strength to the blocks, the most preferred ratio for the mixture is 1:3:6 [cement: sand: metal (chips)].

Step four

After the mixture of the three constituents is ready, the mixture is put in vibrator machine. After the process of vibrating the mixture in a vibrator, they are then poured into the desired size mould.

Step five

After they have gotten their desired shape, they are left to dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours of drying the blocks, they are then put in a water tank for curing. The process of curing continues for three weeks until the cement blocks gain the required compressive strength.

Step six

After the curing process, the blocks are left to dry in the sun and are used for the construction purposes after drying.

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