Column Bases | Design of Steel Structures

Column bases are structural elements used in the design of steel structures to transfer the column load to the footings.

Types of Column bases

  1. Slab base
  2. Gusseted base

Slab Base

Slab Base

Slab bases are used where the columns have independent concrete pedestals. A thick steel base plate and two cleat angles connecting the flanges of the column to the base plate. In addition to these, web cleats are provided to connect the web of the column to the base plate. These web cleats guard against the possible dislocation of the column during erection. The ends of the column and also the base plate should be mechanized so that the column load is wholly transferred to the base plate.

Area of base plate= (load of column)/(permissible bearing stress in concrete)

Gusseted base

Gussetted bases are provided for columns carrying heavier loads requiring large base plates. A gusseted base consists of a base of reduced thickness and two gusseted plates are attached one to each flange of the column.

Gusseted Column Base
Gusseted Column Base

The gusseted plates, cleat angles and fastenings (bolts, rivets) in combination with bearing area of shaft shall be sufficient to take all loads.

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  1. Hi,

    I am from Balangir, Orissa, India. I am to build a house shortly. The plan has been drawn by a local engineer.

    It would be kind enough in case you review the plan. The plan is in pdf format.

  2. Hi!
    I am planing a small extension for a residential villa in UAE. The extension structure is G + 1. The contractor is offering two methods of construction
    1) RCC – which is well known
    2) using steel beams (instead of the bars) and cladding them with concrete.

    The steel option is about 25% cheaper. Some people say that the concrete does not bond well with the cement and due to high temperatures in UAE and different expansions cracks develop in steel beam & concrete method.

    Since it is cheaper I prefer to use it? Can you advise ?


    • Hi,
      So, you want to go for Steel Structural Design. Steel beams are used where the load to be taken by the structure is massive. Not very advisable for a villa construction. But of course if you do use Steel beams, the structure will stand firm. So there is nothing to worry about that.

      Cheers 🙂

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