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As per NBC (National Building Code, 2005) standards,

Water required per person per day = 150 litres

Drinking water = 4litres per person per day

Calculation for an overhead water tank for a 3 BHK Villa:

Let us assume the average family size = 5 persons in the house

Water required for daily chores per person per day as per NBC norms;

150 x 5 = 750 litres

Drinking water required:

4 x 5 = 20 litres

Total quantity of water required = 750+20 = 770 litres

Volume of water = 770/1000 = 0.77 cubic metres

Dimensions for the overhead water tank:

Length = 1.2m

Breadth = 0.6m

Depth = 1.1m

Total Volume = 1.2×0.6×1.1 = 0.792 cubic metres

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  1. Building an overhead water tank does need a lot of calculation and many things to be thought about to give rise to an efficient construction. It would be better to give a platform built of steel and the required support from the base would do the work but then too there are certain factors that would vary with respect to place and a professional would be the best to guide here.

  2. Can a hole be drilled in adjacent concrete water tanks for water balancing? Size of the two tanks are 3000 m3 and 6000m3. Surface area of the common separating wall is 2 meter wide and 3 meter deep.

  3. Hi,

    We have 21 flats in a building and we all want to set water tank 500 lit/each because of water issue. Our terrace area is 5000 sq feet. Is it OK if we fit water tank on terrace. Can it be problem to building structure in future

    • Yes, can be done. You can go for a tank size (internal dimensions) of 3′ x 5′, and a height of 4′. It would give you a capacity of 1500 liters. Use 9″ thick walls. Don’t forget waterproofing.

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