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For the “design of Singly reinforced sections” article series, we have covered the following:


Now we will move on with our next solved numerical example in which we will make use of the formulas that we have derived in our earlier articles.

Numerical Problem

Determine the following:

a)      The position of the neutral axis

b)      Lever arm

c)       Moment of resistance

d)      Percentage of steel

(For a rectangular beam section of width b mm and effective depth d mm. Take σcbc = 5 N/mm2, σst = 140 N/mm2, m = 18.66

To find Neutral Axis (NA)

σcbc /(σst/m) = xc/(d – xc)

5/(140/18.66) = xc/(d – xc)

Therefore, xc  = 0.399d mm= 0.4dmm

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