Temporary Adjustments of Prismatic Compass | Guide to Surveying

Temporary Adjustments of Prismatic Compass | Compass Surveying

In this article, we will be discussing step by step method for making Temporary adjustments in Prismatic Compass necessary for carrying out Compass Surveys.

  1. Fixing the compass to thr tripod
  2. Centering the compass
  3. Levelling the compass
  4. Sighting the object
  5. Observation of bearings

Fixing the compass to the tripod

The box of prismatic compass is fixed to a spindle of ball and socket joint. By the ball and socket arrangement, this can be quickly levelled and rotated in any direction.

Centering the compass

The prismatic compass is centered over a survey station correctly by means of a plumb bob or by dropping a pebble from the centre of the instrument.

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