Various types of RCC Slabs | Design of RCC Structures

Reinforced Cement Concrete Slab

  • A Reinforced Concrete Slab is the one of the most important component in a building. It is a structural element of modern buildings. Slabs are supported on Columns and Beams.
  • RCC Slabs whose thickness ranges from 10 to 50 centimetres are most often used for the construction of floors and ceilings.
  • Thin concrete slabs are also used for exterior paving purpose.
RCC Slab Construction
RCC Slab Construction
  • In many domestic and industrial buildings a thick concrete slab, supported on foundationsĀ or directly on the sub soil, is used to construct the ground floor of a building.
  • In high rises buildings and skyscrapers, thinner, pre-cast concrete slabs are slung between the steelĀ frames to form the floors and ceilings on each level.

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