Concealed Lighting Techniques | Methods of Lighting

Concealed Lighting Techniques

Concealed Lighting is one of the methods of Lighting Systems. Concealed Lighting is usually preferred where dim ambient lighting is necessary to enhance the beauty of the ambiance.

Concealed Lighting System
Concealed Lighting System

Here are some of the other lighting methods apart from concealed Lighting:

  1. Direct Lighting
  2. Indirect Lighting
  3. Concealed Lighting
  4. Semi-concealed Lighting

Dining Lighting makes use of Concealed Lighting, Semi-concealed Lighting, Direct and Indirect Lighting System.

Task Lighting makes use of Direct Lighting system.

Underwater Lighting makes use of Diffused Lighting system.

Spot Lighting is complete different system of Lighting but since it has focussed illumination, it can fall under the category of Direct Lighting.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Evolution of the Concept of Concealed Lighting system and also how and where it is used….

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