Guide to designing a Rolled Steel Beam

Six Step Guide to Designing a Rolled Steel Beam

Here are a few simple steps that are to be followed for the design of Rolled Steel Beam:

Step one

Calculate the maximum Bending Moment and Shear Force

Step two

Depending upon whether the beam is laterally restrained or unrestrained, calculate the permissible stress in bending compression (sigma bc) using the equation;

sigma bc = 0.66fy

Step three

Find the required Section Modulus (Zreq)

Zreq = M/sigma bc

Step four

From the structural tables, choose a suitable section such that the section modulus is slightly more than the required section modulus.

Step five

Check for shear.

Calculate the maximum Shear force in the beam. Calculate the average shear stress in the web and this should be less than 0.4fy.

Tv = (Shear Force)/HLw

where = H = height of the web

Lw = length of the web

Step six

Check for deflection

Ymax < 1/325 of span