Aliens Space Station | Green Architecture Exemplified

Green Architecture deals with the design and construction of buildings that use less energy, water and natural resources, create less waste and are healthier for the people living inside. Such a building that is constructed using the principles of Green Architecture is termed as “Green Building”.

An Example of Green Building Architecture

Alien Space Station, Hyderabad, India

Alien Space Station Plan

Location of a building is very important. It is located just next to the city’s IT hub, Financial sector, Hospitality services and the upcoming US consulate in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Aliens Space Station is barely 3 Kms from the Outer Ring Road and 20 minutes drive from the new International Airport.

Aliens Space Station is an integrated township that covers about 20 acres of land, out of which 16 acres is lush greenery with breathtaking views, near the International airport, envelops the 13 towers of Space Station1 from all sides.

Aliens Space Station, Gachibowli

Only 20 % of the total land is used for the construction of permanent structures and the rest of the 80% of land is just beautifully landscaped gardens. It is expected to go up to a height of 87 meters and house 2,205 apartments including duplexes and penthouses.

With prime commercial & office space inside, this township is rubbing shoulders with a huge number of upcoming projects in the vicinity making it the landmark of the future. This project has made use of high technology and is bringing in hi-tech featured homes to live in. It is an unparalleled urban lifestyle township with features such as high-rise residences, home automation, biometric security, commercial and retail zone, work space, multiplex and state-of-the art club house with mini golf driving range.

The plan of Alien Space Station is S-shaped. It ensures beautifully landscaped view from all the sides of the building and also provides uniform air, light and ventilation to the building.

Aliens Space Station Penthouse
Aliens Space Station Penthouse

Structural elements of Alien Space Station

1. Framework

RCC framework is used in the structure.

2. Use of Shear Wall Construction

A normal building has columns that are designed keeping the concrete frame structure in mind. High rise buildings cannot withstand heavy winds and external forces along with dead load (weight of the building), Live loads (people living inside the building). Shear walls have been used beacause it disperses strong winds and gets a strong grip to the ground, hence resisting the action of external forces. Shear walls help in distributing wind and light in all directions.

3. Type of foundation used

Instead of Isolated footing, raft foundations are used. It is a mass foundation where the single mass takes the load and distributes it uniformly to a large area.

4. Transverse Slab

Generally, Normal Slabs are used in the construction of buildings. They transfer load horizontally and vertically to the ground whereas in Transverse Slab transfer the load horizontally distribute load and then transfers it to the ground. This also helps in having a clear view since there are no hindrances like the Pillars.

5. Interconnected Corridor

Interconnected corridor is 1.5km throughout the building. It gives strength to the structure and is also helpful in times of exigency.

Sustainable Techniques used in Alien Space Station

  • This construction incorporates use of energy efficient, eco-friendly materials and systems into its development.
  • At the construction level, soil erosion control measures were implemented to reduce the negative impact on the environment. A waste-reduction process is also being used during the construction for more effective resource recycling adherence.
  • It has been designed in such a way that it reduces the heat island effect and maintains moderate temperature within the building. This in turn results in economic benefits such as lower electricity costs and health benefits such as low air pollution levels or any other heat related illness.
  • Quality water management practices such as rainwater harvesting and the usage of water efficient fixtures for water conservation add another positive perspective to resource management. Effective use of recycled water will be practiced for plumbing systems such as toilet flushing.
  • An energy efficient model is laid out to reduce the wastage of resources along with solar water heating systems and captive power generations. The common areas including corridors, lobby spaces etc will also optimize the usage of energy throughout the township.
  • Another unique feature that reduces pollution effects in the micro-environment is the usage of Quality air control systems (such as Carbon-monoxide sensors) in the parking areas along with electrical charging points in each car park slot. There will be an economically beneficial waste disposal system with garbage separation, to ensure mercurial wastes does not lead to harmful effects and is disposed in the right manner.
  • The interiors of each apartment equally eco-sensitized with thoughtful window/door placement that maximizes ventilation and natural lighting, and minimizes the need for natural lighting or climate control.

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