Public versus Private Participation relating to Architecture and Engineering

Public Participation versus Private Participation

Public sectors like HUDCO, Hindustan steel, Heavy Engineering corporation etc are controlled by Central Government, Nizam Sugars, Allwyn Ltd, Praga tools etc are controlled by the State Government of AP (Andhra Pradesh).

As far as Building Industry is concerned, materials like cement, steel, wood, aluminium, brick manufacture, variety of floor tiles, wall tiles, electrical materials, plumbing and sanitary ware and fittings etc (to mention only few) are produced in India resulting in quality products, at various price levels to suit different economic levels of social strata.

Only Housing meant for central/state government employees is controlled by central or State governments. The housing for weaker sections are taken care of by State governments as a policy of Government.

Generally the housing for weaker sections results in poor quality of construction due to lack of proper control by state government. The most neglected class in India are tribals still remain poor even after 53 years of Independence.

Housing loans are available at RBI controlled rates of interest for other classes of the society in India and also from General Insurance Co (GIC), LIC Housing Finance Ltd, and Private agencies.

Certain Housing schemes are handled by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as well result which result in quality construction.

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