Equity Versus Efficiency | Building Economics

Efficiency in Economics

Capability and able to perform duties well. The efficiency in production of building materials is high as there is competition and those who work in production are offered annual bonus depending upon the profits made by companies.

The efficiency in construction industry is generally high if the projects are handled by Architects, Engineers, and experienced builders. Unfortunately many constructions re handled by builders who are not experienced.

This is due to the ignorance of the public and loss of investments by the public. Most of such constructions are mediocre.

Equity in Economics

The central Government helps the public in offering fair rates of interest of the public invests in Central Schemes like Indira Vikaas Patrika (IVP), Postal Savings schemes which offer Monthly income schemes on investment in Postal saving schemes and they offer interest on fixed deposit also. Share market is most risky as it is volatile.

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