Urban Redesign Proposals

Urban redesign proposals

Traffic Issue

Around 60% of the traffic uses the main road of the shopping street as a bypass route. The road connects places such as LB nagar, Saroor nagar, Vanasthalipuram, Charminar, Dilsukhnagar etc. There is lot of traffic of the buses which is creating lot of chaos and congestion on the main street.

Urban redesign proposals
Urban redesign proposals

Suggested Proposal to solve Traffic Problem:

Proposal for a one-way flyover (40’ wide)

As an attempt to solve the problem of the traffic movement, we are suggesting the proposal of a Flyover for one-way traffic which will take around 80% of the bus traffic.

Traffic pattern | Urban redesign proposal
Traffic pattern

Basically, we are creating a fast moving traffic zone by constructing a flyover which will serve as a major bypass route. The main road of the shopping street would hence serve the slow moving traffic i.e. people coming for shopping.

Traffic pattern | Urban redesign proposals
Traffic pattern
Traffic pattern | Urban redesign proposals
Traffic pattern

Parking Issue

People coming for shopping prefer Parking their cars in the most easily accessible spaces. There is lack of efficient and easily accessible Parking facility.

Parking | Urban redesign proposals

The problem of parking is also caused by the Permanent Parking done by shopowners in front of their shops. The total parking available for the customers coming to the shopping street is around 25cars max.

Suggestion for a Proposal to solve efficient Parking Problem

  1. Propose a parking complex integrated with GPO
  2. Organize Parking below the Flyover (40 cars approx.)

As an attempt to solve the problem of efficient Parking facility, we are suggesting the proposal of a Parking Complex integrated with the GPO which would serve as a Parking facility for Permanent vehicles as well as shoppers.

The area below the flyover has also been utilized for the purpose of Parking. The proposed Parking below the flyover comes to around 40cars.

Scope for redesign of facades

The facades of the street are not in harmony and lack Rhythm. Since, the road is being widened from 80’ to 100’; there is scope for the facade redesign.

Proposal for New Elevations

The Elevations have been designed keeping in mind the design elements belonging to the Nizam Period. The elevations have also been given a contemporary touch by making use of contemporary materials such as glass, aluminium composite panels etc. Urban Design Guidelines have been taken into consideration for the Elevation Design.

Street Elevations | Urban redesign proposals
Street Elevations

Shopfront design

Good design practice is the foundation of any decent conservation area. But what does ‘good design’ mean when it comes to shop fronts?

Good shop front design, whether traditional or modern, respects existing buildings and the character of the area. It integrates the aspirations of the shop owner without detrimentally affecting the building or its context.

It’s all about scale, layout and materials. When a fascia uses good typography and sympathetic materials it goes a long way to enhancing a conservation area.

Keeping original features and making sure the shop front is well maintained and tidy is also an important element of conservation area design.

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