NIT Trichy | Case Study, Documentation and Analysis

NIT Trichy, or the “National Institute of Technology” is an Engineering College in Tamilnadu.

The ensuing design is primarily based on the Indian values of living and at the same time converging a number of technologies, applied in a creative and innovative way.

Evolution of Form

The solar performance of various forms of the same volume has been analyzed to evolved the ultimate profile. A cuboid oriented with the longer side along the east west axis gets heated throughout the year.

NIT Trichy view
NIT Trichy view

A semi-circular cylinder with inclined walls performs exceptionally with insignificant heating in the summer and increased heating in winter.

Influence of space and volume on psychology

Variation in temperature and volume along the transition spaces increases user receptivity.

Interaction between the atrium and the various levels, facilitates cognitive mapping of the form.

Progression from formal to informal spaces promotes interactive group behavior.

The circulation staircase invokes a sense of accessibility in the building.

Space Analysis

Centralized organization implies a concentrated composition with a large dominant unifying space and respective spaces about its perimeter.

NIT trichy
NIT Trichy

These spaces differ from one another in form and size in order to respond to individual requirements of function, express their relative importance, or acknowledge their surroundings. Seminar halls, meeting and board rooms have been grouped into functional clusters. Multipurpose hall and atrium have been provided with access to exterior activity spaces.

Provision of additional mechanical heating and cooling facilities in the appropriate spaces (the multifunctional hall, workshops, guest rooms) is made to contextually respond to the modern requirements.

The multipurpose hall and workshop rooms are flexible in use and can be freely manipulated by providing multiple entries, pre-function spaces and facilities. Indoor fountain and water bodies increase the humidity.

NIT Auditorium
NIT Auditorium

Major spaces can function simultaneously without hindrance to any concurrent activity, for instance, the multipurpose hall and the auditorium are zoned apart with individual auxiliary amenities. The inclined glazing along the circulation area acts as an interface between the interior and the exterior expanse.

Earth air tunnel

A network of underground earth air tunnels circulating cool subterranean air throughout the block require effective insulation and trees providing shade.


Rate anti-space of air change=190 cubic metres/min



Embedded 4m below the ground level the material for the tunnel is a Hume pipe.

Wind tower is located north-west with a height of 14m and the AHU is attached to the atrium.

Solar chimney in the form of an inclined double glazed wall is provided where the inner layer of glass is properly insulated with a low e-coating.

NIT Trichy space
NIT - Trichy

Material Analysis

ACC or autoclaved concrete blocks have been used in the interior walls, it being light-weight reduces the structural load, retards fire, has acoustic properties and is good thermal insulator. Stabilized compresse earth blocks in rat trap bond have been used in the northern walls

Low energy input in processing and handling soil (only 1% of the energy required to manufacture and process the same volume of cement concrete) which are non-combustible with excellent fire resistance properties. Thermochromic laminated glazing has been used in the south and west walls to be able sense changes in the light and adjust accordingly as TLG has a good UV stability, is cost effective, easily fabricated and no electric driving power needed.

Energy efficiency

Creation of AC and non-AC spaces by making informal spaces non-AC without compromising on comfort reduces energy consumption. These spaces have been effectively conditioned by passive technologies. (earth air tunnel, form)

Day Lighting

Usage of artificial light in circulation spaces has been avoided. Optimum amount of daylight is permitted through thermo chromic glazing in the atrium and the inclined walls.

Average day light factor 1.2.

PV panels

A grid supplementing solar plant of capacity 209KW is situated on the roof consisting of 160 PV panels and is capable of handling the lighting load of the top three floors independently.

PV panels energy production (1.25kWh/m) and energy required = 200kWh/day

Therefore 160sqm of PV panel is required.

Rainwater Harvesting

Area of the roof top-1500sqm

Expected harvested rainwater = 6,48,000 litre/year

Total consumption of the convention centre = 14,81,170 litre/yr

Rain water satisfies 45% of requirements, charcoal water filter made of gravel, sand and charcoal, gutters, conduits are made of PVC and are 10cm, 90cm diameter respectively.

Grey Water recycling

Total production = 1674litre/day

Recycled grey water satisfies 84% of flushing needs and saves 41% of the water lost.

Eco Roof

Extensive eco roofs have been used which are easy to maintain lightweight and use shallow soils.

Mosses and lichens and sedum are to be used as vegetation . They are the lightest vegetation, which are capable of surviving extremities of temperature.

Advantages of Eco-roof

Provides insulation and lowers cooling and heating costs for the building.

Green roofs are good acoustic insulators and can absorb and dampen sounds.

Fire retardant plants with high water content leaves and the stems (sedums) help to create a natural fire retardant effect.

High tech facilities

Interactive screen embedded with optical pixels, at the reception helps user to obtain information regarding the functions taking place in the centre.

Occupancy sensors detect motion and emission of heat, manipulate comfort environments (lighting levels, cooling) to suit user requirements.

Video conferencing, seminar halls and press rooms are equipped with adjacent video conferencing rooms, internet, wi-fi to facilitate easy, immediate internet connectivity through out the centre without the help of wired net, wi-fi to facilitate easy, immediate internet connectivity through out the centre without the help of wired ports.

Intercom facilities enable interaction between the various levels and activity spaces.

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