IPSA – Indore (AAYAM) | Sustainable Green Architecture

Incorporation of Sustainable Green Features in the Design

Aayam in Sanskrit means dimension, and the presented design has provided innovative solutions in all the dimensions of creative world.

The entire building has been made in order to preserve the landscape and adapt suitable style pertaining to the topography. By determining the quantity and quality of light entering the spaces, they have eventually taken on greater reality. The galleries are woven into a modulated space, born of light and geometry.

IPSA - Indore (Sustainable Green Architecture)
IPSA - Indore (Sustainable Green Architecture)

The design is a centre of culture that is rooted in the region and reflecting contemporary art and architecture at the highest level that have come together with nature. The core of the annex is open to sky and the rigorous used of a geometric vocabulary. A reflection of land art with pure modernism, the convention centre is rooted to traditions and mirrors ideas if the youth of India.


This institution aims at providing for:

A source of reference for organizing of events for managers, professionals and students.

IPSA - Indore
IPSA - Indore

To provide a platform for exchange of ideas and to meet the basic needs of an Institution.


Division of site into three zones: Public, Semi-public and private zones with a further division into Administration zone, Common Institutional facilities, Recreational area, Guest rooms.

View of the Institution
View of the Institution

By providing overlooking spaces, yet maintaining the privacy and authenticity of the place.

Data collection on temperature humidity, wind velocity, rainfall provided the necessary ground work for further progress in the idea.


An Amphitheatre, an auditorium serving 300-400 people with common convention and seminar facilities such as two Conference rooms, two meeting rooms, seminar hall, Lecture rooms, Multipurpose hall. Every room will be provided with the proper audio and visual facilities for  presentation and will be well acoustically treated.

View of the Institution
View of the Institution

An exhibition space and an administration block with spaces for the Managers, Director, Board room, Booking office, Cafeteria have been dealt with.

Library and resource centre, Guest rooms, food services and other auxiliary functions, Health facilities, including swimming pool, Restaurants, efficient parking fulfill the requirements of the centre.

User Group

  • People for convention facilities
  • Administration staff
  • VIP
  • People for exhibitions
  • People for library and resource centre
  • Workers for restaurant

Energy Efficient Building

The site has taken a lead by stressing the development and improvement of urban areas as economically efficient, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable entities. The design gives an insight into the techniques and benefits of energy efficient building. It encapsulates various combinations of response to climatic conditions; improvised blends of traditional and innovative building techniques; material selection; implementation of energy efficient systems; and use of renewable energy systems as viable alternatives to powering buildings through conventional energy sources that has been done to give power to surrounding streetlights.

IPSA -  Indore
IPSA - Indore

Design Features

  1. Conservation of energy
  2. Placement of blocks according to climatic consideration.
  3. Use of energy production by utilizing human active energy.
  4. Use of passive energy.
  5. Energy efficient Techniques
  6. Use  of central courtyard system that acts as a heat sink.
  7. Reflective glazed tile paving on roof to minimize sol-air temperature.
  8. Use of wastewater management systems by using a bed of reed plants for purification that is further used for irrigation.
  9. Fiberglass: used as two layers of translucent fiberglass, 3/4th inch apart, which form a thermal panel and function as a protective membrane for the system.
  10. Use of vary-therm walls, which act as passive heating, cooling and storage systems.
  11. Use of terrace gardens.

Landscape Features

Trees planted are deciduous in nature such as: Gulmohar, Neem, Amaltas, Kanaak champa, Arjun, Sheesham, Bel, Peepal etc.

Location of water body and importance of fountain in central court provide a cool environment in the summers.


Due importance given to the intersection of various planes and incorporation of the Indian ethos, modern technology, Energy efficiency, synergizes the outcome.

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