New Scenario of Building Construction | Technological Advancement

Architecture and Civil Engineering | Technological Advances

Technology has really changed the world. Architecture and Civil Engineering have developed immensely with developing Technology. It’s amazing how the scenario of the world has changed in just a matter of 50 years.

Amazing Video. Must watch. Gives you the feeling of being proud of being an Architect or a Civil Engineer…!

Do you feel proud for being a Civil Engineer or an Architect??

 Just have a look at how construction technology has done wonders in the field of construction. Engineers and Architects have taken the technological advances pretty well.

I have always seen a conflict between Civil Engineers and Architects. Both of them have their own egos and think one is superior than the other.

I am presenting some of the patent dialogues from a Civil Engineer and an Architect…

Civil Engineer: I am the one who makes a structure stand on the ground successfully.

Architect: All you do is put some steel into the design made by ME. So, I am the creator and the entire credit goes to me.

Civil Engineer: Architects are crazy. They just draw lines and make weird shapes and forms and think that it could be brought into reality. Do  they know how much trouble it is to give a structural design for such a building?

Architect: Civil Engineers always keep cribbing about the rights and wrongs. They should learn to respect creativity. They should be able to respect the designer’s ability to design something unusual and exciting. It is so difficult for them to break away from their routine box designs.


This is how the argument goes on and on. My purpose to put up this video was to show everyone that the wonders that you see in the field of construction is not because of an Engineer or an Architect alone but because of their team.

As a professional, it is important for us to understand that we respect each other’s professions. Every profession is different and is meant to serve an important function.

An Architect is imaginative and can design wonderful and amazing structures but requires a Civil Engineer or a structural designers to give it a concrete form. A Civil engineer/structural engineer can design the skeleton of the structure and technically smart but not very equipped with imaginative and creative abilities to design.


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