Methods of Building Construction

Types of construction methods

When you purchase a home, more thought is put into the location and layout of the property than the methods of construction that were used to build it. That is something that becomes incredibly important when you decide that you want to build your own home from scratch. You quickly learn how different structural methods and materials used in the construction can affect the bottom line. With a definite budget in place, you really need to pay attention to all of these details, which usually means that such things as amenities and house features take second place to the actual build.

In our earlier articles, we have discussed an entire guide for RCC construction. The guide includes the detailed procedures for carrying out various different calculations for designing different parts of the building. Foundation design is the most important and first step in the design of RCC structures.

Masonry construction

One of the most commonly used methods of construction is one that basically dates back centuries, and that is masonry. Brick and stone are durable materials that can withstand the elements better than most. Building a brick home on a stone slab means that you will have a solid home with a strong foundation, but it is also a little more labor intensive than most of the modern methods that are available today. That additional labour can drive build costs up, but money can also be saved by using re-purposed bricks, which can also add a very unique look to the home.

Air crete block construction

If time is a factor, then brick and masonry may not necessarily be the best option. This is where modern building concepts become more desirable. Many of these new methods actually build on the traditional brick and timber frame methods of old, but do so in a way that addresses the need for sustainability in the modern world. Building materials such as air-crete blocks and structural insulated panels are now commonly used in an effort to speed up the building process and steer clear of the methods used by mass builders.

Prefabricated construction

Another change in building construction is that homes can now basically be prefabricated and shipped to a location in pieces. The build then becomes something of a jigsaw puzzle, with those pieces put together to form the complete house. The builder had the complete freedom to design the home and layout in exactly the way they want, with the pieces made and shipped as soon as the final blueprint has been approved. It is certainly a different way to approach building a new home, but one that is very much being embraced because of how quickly the home can be built, once the design process is finished.

Other building methods

The modern methods of construction now also include what many would consider to be alternative building methods that civil engineers would never have dreamt of. Natural materials such as straw, hemp, adobe and more are now considered to be viable options for home builders that really want to embrace the environmentally friendly, sustainable method of home construction. While these are definitely not methods that are commonly used or seen in the average neighborhood, they are still and option for those home builders that want to move away from the more traditional construction styles used by other builders.

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