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Commercial Neighbourhood Design | Abids, Hyderabad

The commercial hub in Hyderabad selected for Redesign and Restructuring is “Abids” which was popularly known as the “Commercial District of Hyderabad”.

The study has been carried out in the following way:

Research Focus

Various issues regarding the Urban structure has been addressed. It includes commercial spots, residential communities, Amenities, Utilities, religious structures etc. The influence of each on the commercial activities has been addressed in the case study.

Research Methods | Urban Design

The research Methods include:

  1. Detailed Case study of the Abids Zone
  2. Collection of data regarding History of Abids from the Conservation books
  3. Findings of the case study

The issues addressed in the case study have been classified into two categories:

  1. Need for Redesign
  2. Need for Restructuring

The design process for the design of commercial neighbourhood has been discussed in one of our previous articles. This will help you give you an insight of the design process in Urban Design.

Site Selection | Urban Design
Site Selection | Urban Design

The issues include various Urban Design factors to be reconsidered for restructuring and redesign that will help revive the ambience of the Commercial hub which existed 50 years ago.

The project “Design of Commercial Neighbourhood” needs critical study of area selected for redesign. Abids has been chosen as the commercial hub for the Urban Design Project.

Abids is one of the oldest commercial hub. Abids constitutes the dwellings of Upper Middle class families. The scope of availability of various commodities such as jewellery, textiles was very huge. With the decentralization of the commercial markets, the crowd coming to Abids has lessened as compared to what it was earlier. The good thing about Abids is that it still has a unique shopping market which other places don’t have.

Reasons for Site selection | Urban Design
Reasons for Site selection | Urban Design

Our goal is to revive the essence of the shopping street which existed 50 years ago.

Various issues have been addressed in the case study which will further help in the design of the Commercial hub. All the essential design elements that have gone through deterioration have been addressed for reconsideration for redesign and restructuring.

“Sustainability” is the description of our project goal in a word. We are aiming to sustain the Shopping street and restore its essence keeping in mind the increase in the volume of crowd, increasing technology which will result in the increasing vehicular traffic. The ability to take the pressure of the increasing crowd effectively without causing much damage can be termed as “Sustainability in Urban Design”.

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