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Construction of Terrace Gardens

People living in Bungalows usually fancy having a Terrace Garden. Some people have their terrace Garden idea incorporated into the design in the construction phase, which is the right time to go for it; whereas some people initiate the construction of a Terrace Garden on a normal flat roof which was not meant to take moisture and weight of the garden.

Construction of a Terrace Garden
Construction of a Terrace Garden

Two major problems arise because of the unmonitored construction of Terrace Gardens:

  1. Development of Cracks in the roof
  2. Leakage of water

Usually, people tend to ignore the fact that the weight imposed on the roof by the Terrace Garden has to be properly waterproofed and taken care of if they wish to avoid further construction problems.

In this article, we will briefly go through the steps for the construction of a Terrace Garden and also the waterproofing technique.

How to construct a Terrace Garden?

Here are the few simple steps for the construction of a terrace garden:

Step one:

After the RCC slab for the terrace garden is laid, take cement and waterproofing material and splash it on the entire slab inorder to cover every corner of the slab with the water-proofing material.

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