Repair of cracks in the RCC Staircase | Building Construction

What would you do in case of a RCC staircase having cracks?

The development of cracks occurring in RCC staircase is one of the major problems to deal with in RCC construction.

Before we go to the ultimate solution of the repair of cracks in a staircase, I would want all the students to know that, “Design in a way that you would never have to look for solutions”.

This is an important matter. The graver the problem, the harsher and shorter the solution is….

Basic elements of Staircase
Basic elements of Staircase

Earlier, in one of my article, I have explained the “Design of RCC Staircase”. Please do go through before designing….

RCC staircase cracks

There are two types of cracks, they are;

  1. Minor cracks or surface cracks
  2. Major cracks or structural Cracks

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Major causes of Cracks in Buildings | Building Construction

Causes of cracks in Buildings

In the previous article, we discussed the occurrence of cracks in buildings due to climatic factors and cracks occurred due to problem at the time of construction of the building. These fall under the category of Minor causes of Cracks in Buildings.

Now we will go ahead with our discussion on “Major causes of Cracks in a Building”.

Major causes of cracks in a building

  1. Movements of the ground
  2. Over loading
  3. Effect of gases, liquids and solids
  4. Effect of changes of temperature
  5. General causes such as vibrations etc
Unrestrained Movement of Building Materials
Unrestrained Movement of Building Materials

Movements of the ground

Mining subsidence, land slips, earthquakes, moisture changes due to clay shrinkable soils (for example, Black cotton soil).

Cracks occur because a part of the building is displaced from the rest without any change in the actual size of the material.


  • Overloading of the ground
  • Overloading of the building itself
  • Overloading of the building parts result in cracks

For example; Cracks under a floor due to overloading of slab.

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Cracks in Buildings | Building Construction

Cracks in Buildings

Cracks result in applied forces greater than those which the building or its part can withstand. These forces may have emerged externally to the building or internally within the building or have been developed in the materials of the building as a result of Chemical changes. There may be a single force or a combination of forces having a single cause or several causes.

Building at San Francisco
Building at San Francisco

This is a residential building at San Francisco. Major cracks have developed on the external facade of the building. The cracks running across the entire facade of the building are diagonally directed and diagonal cracks are generally structural cracks. They occur due to structural problems in the buildings. Structural cracks could be due to major or minor problem in the structural design. Intensity of structural problem is determined on the basis of the intensity of cracks developed.

Most cracks occur due to drying of construction water.

  • These are generally superficial
  • Do not affect the serviceability of the building
  • Can be easily repaired

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