Types of Air conditioning Systems | Electrical Engineering

Study of types of air conditioning Systems in Engineering

Studying different types of air conditioning systems is a part of Engineering. It helps us understanding the working and functioning of HVAC systems. For designing HVAC systems in an Auditorium or a Mall, the engineer has to be aware of various types of air conditioning systems along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Today, various types of air conditioning systems are available in the market. They can be broadly classified as follows:

  1. Central air conditioning systems
  2. Non central air conditioning systems

Central AC Systems are further subdivided into two categories:

  1. Ductable Packaged Air-conditioners
  2. Central Plants

Non-Central AC products are further classified as:

  1. Window ACs
  2. Split ACs

In this article, we will discuss the basic terminology of what are Central AC systems and Non-central AC products.

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