Design of different types of Parking Methods

Parking Methods

When an Architect or an Engineer is designing Roads; he must take care that he designs the required Parking Areas as per the requirement and the study of the traffic in that area.

The Parking Methods play a major role in controlling traffic and avoid chaotic confusion and traffic jams because of lack of Parking facility.

Parking Lot, New York
Parking Lot, New York

On the basis of the style of Parking Areas, there are two major types of Parking:

  1. On Street Parking
  2. Off Street Parking

In my earlier article, we discussed;

  1. Means of Access and Design factors to be considered for the design of roads
  2. Important elements to be considered in Road Design
  3. Types of Road Junctions

In this article, we will discuss “Types of Parking in detail” which will help us figure out the efficient way to designing Parking areas for Highways, Arterial roads, sub-arterial roads etc.

On Street Parking

As the name itself suggests, “On-street Parking” means the area allotted for Parking purpose at the sides of the roads. For efficiency in Parking system; the On street Parking is divided into two types:

  1. Angular Parking
  2. Parallel Parking
  3. Perpendicular Parking (efficient Parking Method)

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