New trends in the Color schemes and Materials of Design

New Trends in the choice of Color schemes

The new trends in Furniture design has brought a concept of new choice of color schemes depending on the type of ambiance to be created. Along with maintaining the aesthetic aspect, new materials and new lighting techniques have also come up.

Two trend streams emerge; one following the ‘international’ look of pale sophistication, with beiges, creams and white, offset by stark black. A parallel stream throws into focus the bright new color palette with the nouveau chic fuschia, lime green, aubergine and aqua.

Trendy furniture Design
Trendy furniture Design

The trade and architect community notice a bifurcation in usage with designers selecting the former for more elegant, more ‘serious’ spaces such as offices, or for general use spaces such as lounge areas in hotels, while residential spaces, use color to project the personality of the owners. The bright colours give a happy office look. Finance and Insurance offices are serious and very professional offices can have lighter colors that add richness to the space whereas other offices could use shades of yellow and light brown.

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