Numerical Examples for Chain Surveying | Errors in Surveying

Numerical Examples for Errors in Chain Surveying

We will now move on with different numerical problems on the concept of Errors in Chain Surveying. Going through these numericals will actually give you an idea as to how the calculations are done inspite of errors occurring in the Chain Surveying.

Correction due to incorrect length of chain

This is like a formula list which is to be kept in mind while making Calculations:

True distance = L’/L*measured distance

True area = (L’/L)2*measured area

True Volume = (L’/L)3 * measured volume

Where, L’ = incorrect length of chain

L = correct length of chain

The length of a line measured with 20m chain was found to be 500m. It was subsequently found that the chain was 0.04m too long. What is the length of line?

Correct length of chain, L’ = 20 + 0.04 = 20.04m

Length, L = 20m

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