Tubular Steel Monitor Roof truss | Large Span Constructions

Steel Trusses

The trusses are structural members and comprise of one or more triangular units constructed with straight members whose ends are connected at joints referred to as nodes. The triangular members arranged in series and supported on the walls.

Major use of steel trusses is being done in the construction of large span structures such as industries, factories, Auditoriums, Cinema Theatres, Shopping Malls, Concert Halls etc.

Trussed Bridge
Trussed Bridge

But the use of steel trusses is not limited to various types only. Major use of trusses is also seen in the construction of bridges.

Roof coverings used over Steel trusses

RCC roof can be used over the trussed construction but usually to keep the roof lightweight, asbestos sheets are used as roof covering.

Plastics sheets are also used as roof covering.

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