Example of the Design of Shear reinforcement in a beam

Design of Shear reinforcement in a beam

A reinforced cement concrete beam 300mm wide and 500mm effective depth is subjected to a shear force of 40KN at the ends. The beam is provided with 6 bars of 20mm diameter of which 3 bars are cranked at 45 degrees. Design the shear reinforcement for M20 grade concrete.

Here are the steps for the design of Shear Reinforcement in a beam:

Width of the beam = b = 300mm

Shear force = Vu = 40KN

Effective depth = d = 500mm

Area of steel, Ast = 3 x 3.14/4 x 20 x 20 = 942.47 mm2

Step one

Nominal shear stress

Tv = Vu/bd

Tv = 40 x 1000/(300 x 500) = 0.26N/mm2

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