Retail Industry Scenario in India

Booming Retail Industry in India

India is a developing country. Since it is still developing, there have been lot of growth in the industrial sector which provided job opportunities to the people. Retail Industry caught lot of attention in the past one decade. Due to the recent economic development of the country, people in India have enough to spend for their recreational activities and shop all they need. They have become fun loving and enjoy going shopping in huge shopping complexes even if the prices of the products at the shopping centre are higher than the products available in the open market.

Hyderabad Central, India
Hyderabad Central, India

The Indian Retail Industry is the largest of all the industries accounting on 10% of the country’s GDP growth and 8% of the country’s employment. The flourishing retail industry in India has reduced unemployment to a large extent. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industrial sector with several big players entering the market.

In India, the vast middle class and almost untapped retail industry are the key forces of attraction for global retail giants waiting to enter new markets. This attraction has stimulated the growth of the retail industry and is growing at a faster rate. It is estimated that the growth rate of the retail Industry will reach 25% at the end of the year.

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