Growing Need for Environmental Sustainability

Chronic Need for Environmental Sustainability

Everyone is aware of the fact that the life on earth is degrading day by day. The quality of life on earth has gone from best to worst in the past 150 years.

For people who do not agree with the concept of Sustainability

The concept of sustainability is brought up for the betterment of human species and not for the earth. The Earth can survive without humans. Sustainability is for us to survive on earth.

The video illustrates the story of our Mother Earth or rather I should say “Sad story of Earth”….

Earth was beautiful and Green before humans started using Earth’s resources ruthlessly… The earth is now in the devastated condition and if this continues for the next 50 years, it will bring with it the end of Human life on Earth by the next century.

We should all work towards making our environment green and sustainable because we are the ones who are responsible for getting it into such a bad ruined state.