Design of Road Junctions | Types of Road Junctions

Road Junctions

Road Junctions are designed at places where vehicular traffic can move in different directions in a systematic way. Road Junctions decrease the probability of accidents. The traffic at Road junctions is controlled and resumed in a systematic way to proceed further in their respective directions with the help of traffic signals.

Road Junction in Taiwan
Road Junction in Taiwan

Design of Road Junctions is a crucial subject. Understanding the nature of traffic, the kind of area, density of population etc is very important so as to propose a suitable road Junction design.

Earlier we discussed;

  1. Means of Access and Design factors to be considered for the design of roads
  2. Important elements to be considered in Road Design

In this article, we will study all the major types of road Junctions in detail.

On the basis of the shape of the Road Junctions, they are named as:

  1. T-Junction
  2. Y-Junction
  3. Acute Angle Junction
  4. Staggered Junction
  5. Multiple Junction

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