Design of Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium, Durban, South Africa

  • The Moses Mabhida Stadium is a stadium is a world class stadium. It is located in Durban, South Africa, named after Moses Mabhida, a former General Secretary of the South African Communist Party.
  • The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban will host one of the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2010.
Moses Mabhida Durban Stadium, South Africa
Moses Mabhida Durban Stadium, South Africa
  • It has a capacity to accommodate 70,000 people during the World Cup but generally it can accommodate only 54,000 people. For this reason, special seating arrangements are done to increase the seating to 70,000 during the World Cup.
  • It includes an adjoining indoor arena, football museum, sports institute, and a transmodal transport station.

Design of the Durban Stadium

  • This stadium stands on the grounds of the Kings Park Soccer Stadium, in the Durban sports precinct in the suburb of Stamford Hill.
  • The design of the stadium is incredibly flexible. The stadium design allows the reduction or increment in the seating capacity as per the events carried on at the Stadium.

Durban Stadium - Under Construction
Durban Stadium - Under Construction
  • For FIFA World Cup 2010, the seating capacity has been increased to 70,00o whereas for minor events it is reduced to 54,000 and for Olympics it is increased to 80,000.
  • There are 150 Hospitality suites with 7,500 seats meant for the VIPs.

Dimensions of the Stadium are as follows:

Stadium: 320m x 280m x 45m

Concept of the Stadium Design

  • The major concept in designing this Stadium is to represent Unity among the different parts of the nation.
  • They accomplished their design concept by constructing an arch which is 350m long free and 105m high span arch holds up the roof of the stadium, the top of the arch rises to 106m above the pitch.
Arch Design Concept of Durban Stadium
Arch Design Concept of Durban Stadium
  • The Arch design representing Unity has been inspired by the African Flag.
  • The arch is composed of 5 x 5m steel hollow box and weighs around 2,600 tons. Entrance of the Stadium has also been carefully designed to avoid congestion. It is a large span Structure and the users come in thousands.
  • A funicular carries visitors from the north side of the stadium to a viewing platform at the top of the arch, offering a view over city and ocean. On 24 February 2010 the world’s largest swing opened at the stadium. The swing allows clients to jump off the 4th ladder rung and fall toward the pitch before being swung out in a 220m arc over the pitch.

Design of the Roof of the Stadium

Moses Mabhida Stadium is exceptionally large. The Engineers and Architects have tried to cover the seating of the entire stadium but have succeeded in covering about 88% of the seats. Since it is a large span structure, the Steel Trussed Roof has been incorporated in the design. The roof consists of a 46,000 square metres, Teflon-coated, glass-fibre membrane which will produce a translucent glow when the stadium is lit. These are attached to the arch by 17,000m of 95mm diameter steel cables.

Design of the Bowl

To support this mega structure, 1,750 columns and 216 raking beams have been used as the main support. Around the field, 900m of retaining walls stretches 8m high. A total of 1,780 pre-cast concrete seating panels creates the bowl form. There will be over 80,000 The floor space inside the stadium structure is around 80,000 square metres.

Interior Design of Durban Stadium
Interior Design of Durban Stadium

Design of the Facade of the Durban Stadium

Over 100 columns surround the stadium. The height of the columns varies around the stadium, but the highest is 46m. In total 15,000m² of façade will surround the stadium. A total of 550 aluminum fins will fit between the main columns. Perforated metal sheeting will be placed between the aluminum fins, where required.

The Design Concept, the roof structure, Bowl Design and the Design of the Facade of the Stadium have been discussed in detail. Understanding these four points will give us a major about Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban Design.

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    When I saw the stadium on TV, I realised that it has 95,9% of the work already done. If I can get to play with the model and some of the computer programs used in the design, as long as I don’t have to build them or learn the programs, the idea is available for free.


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