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The major concept is that it merges with the design of the city. Embodiment of special characters of Nagpur in the design. Principles of energy efficiency and Green building technology have been incorporated in the design.

VNIT, Nagpur
VNIT, Nagpur

As the world reels under the stress of economic recession and Peak oil, efforts are being made to minimize the use of energy, to maximize return on invested resources by recycling and optimum use of natural resources. Such efforts have culminated into the new Green building movement across the planet.

The basic plan is evolved from a prominent shape of the city’s plan.

The plan being symbolic of the fact that the modern Indian ethos reflect a free heart.


Age group – 18 to 50 years.

Profession – Students and professionals hired as lecturers and administrators.

Design Efficiency

Two large entries and a connecting passage leads people in all other spaces  and acts like a buffer between the centre and the surroundings.

The form is such that it captures the tender free-flowing form of this park into its rigid confines.

The curve is enclosed by three large square forms and the main congregations areas of the design are located at both bulbs of this curve.

Elevations of VNIT, Nagpur
Elevations of VNIT, Nagpur

A narrow path clad with glass on their sides connects the two spaces. This gives transparency to the structure and enhances the look of the college providing landscaped view on either sides of the path.

One bulb forming the large OAT with a seating of 1000 people with a central stage has a false backdrop to give effects during performances that go on in the college during the Annual Functions or any other occasions.

At the other node, major structure including the guest houses, food court, conference rooms, administrative cell, exhibition space, health club that has gyming facilities for students and the auditorium are provided.

Design of an Auditorium

Auditorium is designed to accommodate around 400 students. It rises above the ground as a chopped off cylinder to fit exactly 400 people.

The slope of the cylinder faces south facilitating the fitting of the solar PV.

The amphitheatre with a central stage, can hold 1000 people.

Food court rises in two stories with terrace having gardens catering to relaxed meals.

Terrace gardens, covering at least 50% of the roof space, some in the wake of the motive of creating a green and an energy efficient building.

Also providing space for Yoga and meditation, they enhance heat efficiency and minimize heat loss. Above lies the office blocks and the administrative cell.

The facility of swimming Pool has also been provided for the students.

The swimming pool 15x25m can accommodate 30 swimmers at once. Areas around the pool are paved with couches and other pool facilities.

Owing to the contours, the spaces are at different planes.

Special Features

Unity has been achieved by fitting each element into another to attain the form.

Swimming pool, auditorium, amphitheatre and terrace gardens are the major public attractions of the centre. The design claims to provide superior solutions to circulation and climate-responsive architecture.

These energy efficient structures are responsible forThe Rise of Green Building Movement and LEED”

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