Problems facing the Earth

Problems facing the Earth

We all human beings share a beautiful planet, Earth, which is home to millions of species of plants, animals and aquatic life. Our planet is astoundingly a perfect design, where plants create oxygen, which in turn keeps animals alive and keeps the planet cool.

But our planet has been facing some serious problems which have been created by inexhaustible human greed to exploit nature for personal comforts. Hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforests have been cut away to make way for roads and buildings.

Lumber is a major source of revenue to some countries. With vast swaths of forests disappearing, and seemingly unabated poaching of wild animals has wiped out many species from the face of the earth. The diversity and balance of this planet we call home is being severely threatened by man.

Problems on Earth
Problems on Earth

Oil is known as the blood of earth. Since the discovery and large scale production of oil in the last 150 years, human civilization has progressed at a rocket speed.

But humans have over exploited this natural resource, and this fuel is running out fast. As humans demand for more and more oil for their motor vehicles, the blood of earth is being sucked up using large pumps.

Human greed does not realize that planet earth cannot survive without its blood, its oil.

There are many manmade disasters threatening human kind. Man has made extremely distinctive nuclear weapons, which have the capacity to destroy humankind and send civilization back to the stone age. Global warming is another huge problem, where indiscriminate use of oil is warming up the atmosphere, in turn disturbing the ecology of the planet.

The Polar icecaps are melting fast, and there will come a time when every major coastal city in the world would be submerged in water.

It is clear that man can no longer take its home, planet Earth, for granted. When the nature strikes back, human kind would be destroyed. We humans have to develop “sustainable” way of life, so that mankind is not a major stress factor on the health of our planet, home to millions of plants and animals and a wonderful creation of God…!!

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  1. My theory on why Earth produced fossil fuel is to balance the rotation of Earths orbit. When man kind sucks up all that oil its like…..ex. an egg with yoke spinning really fast pushes outward causing it to balance it. but if u were to withdraw the yoke from the egg it would eventually collapse inward on its self due to the pressure of gravity or here is another example. a yo-yo has these little balls inside them(brains) to help keep a constant spin. if u were to remove one of them it would wobble. they say every 20,000 years the earth wobbles i think thats a lie due to all the oil mankind took from mother nature. we can expect drastic changes in the atmosphere , water levels and plate technonic activity due to mans stupidty and self greed.

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