Pool Deck Tiles

Decking materials

Concrete has been used as a decking material for decades. There are finishes achieved in concrete that give a good deck surface.

For example, salt finish concrete is commonly used and seen on many sidewalks. The surface of deck of the deck is non-slippery. Salt finish concrete can also be used with different colours.

A different type of look is achieved on the concrete by adding acid stains.

Also, there are chemicals available in the market that are added in the concrete mix which helps in keeping the deck cool.

Masonry decks have also been used for decades. Flagstone or travertine can be used as decking materials. The material and labour cost is more in these types of decks.

Tropical Pool Deck tiles

The pool deck tiles that are made of tropical wood are gaining popularity these days. They are assembled on a plastic base having high density. There are ways in which the pool deck tiles can be used. They could be:

  1. Staggered joints
  2. Aligned joints


As a measure to resist termites and moisture, the pool deck tiles are coated with non-toxic chemical coatings. It makes the surface of the deck safer to walk by reducing the chances of slipping.

Use of tropical wood makes the deck tiles more convenient because the surface temperature of the deck tiles remains regulated. Be it too cold or hot, it feels comfortable to walk on them.

If we want a cheaper option to tropical deck tiles, we could go for natural wood tiles which are available in the market at a nominal cost. Deck tiles are easy to install and do not require skilled labour. If one of the deck tiles break down because of wear and tear, they can easily be replaced without much hassle.

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