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Interior Design of a Digital Showroom

In the increasing competitive business photography labs, there is a need to constantly evolve strategies to corner as much market share as one possibly can. Apart from quality of prints and service offered to customers, discerning lab owners strive to offer that little extra which can make a difference in retaining customer loyalty.

The owner of Xpress Digital at Madurai had this in mind when approached the Architect for the project.

Digital Showroom
Digital Showroom

The client brief enlisted space for studio with makeup room, a machine room, a work station, separate booking and delivery counters and a spacious waiting area. Acting on this brief, the design duo set out to customise the requirements by subdivide the linear hall of 86sqm into smaller sub spaces.

In the process of customization, their first task was to do away with the conventional linear counter, which separate the work space from the visitor.

Instead the visitor is drawn into the space through a series of counters that flow into each other. This interplay of curves also finds its echo in the false ceiling and the vitrifies tile-flooring layout.

Digital showroom Interiors
Digital showroom Interiors

Once in, the visitor finds himself in front of the machine room, which by virtue of its location and treatment becomes the central focus of the interior.

Visual transparency is another technique which the designers successfully employ to achieve a sense of openness.

As the defining surfaces are either semi open or totally transparent through the use of glass, the actual volume virtually expands. Innovative use of materials and the controlled use of colour and light add to the visual drama.

The choice of materials like aluminium composite panels, rubber wood, glass and laminates used to articulate the planes and volumes deserve a mention here.

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