Design of Multiplexes – New era of Entertainment

Design of Multiplexes

Multiplexes are the new areas of entertainment as the people have become more movie loving and comfort savvy. The multiplexes are equipped with state-of-art theatres, multiple screens, technically advanced acoustics, comfortable large seating areas, entertaining leisure spaces like food courts, lounge bars and gaming zones. Multiplexes are usually located in malls as it is more profitable and they also complement each other.

Design of Multiplexes
Design of Multiplexes

Multiplexes ideally require an average area of about 50,000 to 100000 square feet so that all the requirements are suitably fitted in. A definition of a multiplex actually means, it must have at least 15 or more screens but in some of the Asian countries, multiplexes have no more than 8 screens in a single complex.

A multiplex is mostly preferred in a mall to standalone multiplex. Nowadays, people prefer a one stop destination for the entertainment of the entire family combining shopping, playing games and watching movies, all under one roof. So a multiplex in a mall makes an intelligent choice for the developer. Besides, the design of an Architect, interior designers, services, theatres, acoustics and lighting consultant’s services are indispensible.

The lobby areas and the interiors of a multiplex are meticulously planned so as to cater to all the age groups.

The design of projection rooms, the seating arrangement, the entries and and exits and the toilets should be given special attention. Lighting is another aspect which calls for imaginative approach and must cater to moods of all genres of people.

Lighting Techniques adopted in a Multiplex

Lighting is mainly used to create an image of ambience and exuberance in the theatre. It should be soothing to the eyes and should be least discomforting. Just like other architectural marvels that are evolving, multiplex designs are also becoming increasingly popular in the masses and the architects are enjoying this new challenge of churning out their innovative and imaginative creations to the front.

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